Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Orleans

Twenty-four hours after I departed Hamburg, I finally made home to New Orleans.  Sadly, I did not get to bring the sweet camera Thomas was letting me borrow, so there are no pictures yet.  Yes, I said yet.  I did however, bring home a camera.

During my final week's stay Thomas helped me pick out a used analog SLR camera.  I've really been enjoying learning how to capture images digitally, but I wanted to really learn how to shoot and focus manually.  Of course the easiest way to do so is to not have an option to photograph any other way.

We went to a local camera shop and found a Minolta XD7 in great condition.  Thomas showed me how to load the film, and taught me how to set aperture, ASA, and shutter speed, as well as how to read the light meter. I caught on fairly quickly because I had been practicing setting the aperture on the digital camera, and once set the ASA is fixed for each role of film.

I am very excited because I put my first role of film in the mail yesterday.  I decided to go with a mail-in developer because they will also scan my film and upload them for me.  Maybe I can find a local place who will do the same, but I think that will take a little more research first.  Hopefully my first scans will be up Monday!

For now, here are a couple of pics of my camera.  Oh and the sweet camera strap was included.

Minolta XD7

Minolta XD7

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