Wednesday, September 26, 2012

One Week

With only one week left of my trip, I am starting to look forward to the next few months at home in Seattle, but I am also looking back on all that I have been able to do here in Hamburg.

While here accomplished quite a lot.  I taught my first weekend workshop.  That went so well, that I also started a weekly Authentic Jazz class.  I partnered with this swing club this past month to teach two weekly Lindy Hop classes. I've learned quite a lot of Tap and am excited to keep working on that back home.  I also started German lessons for the first time.  I've picked up a lot so far, but I do plan on taking more when I come back again.  And finally, I created a piece of original choreography, taught that piece to dancers, and last weekend we put the piece on film. It won't be edited and ready for a while, but when it is I will post that too!  On Friday, the dancers and I will perform the piece at the local dance. I think it will be a great way to wrap up my trip, and hopefully when I come back I can pick up where I left off.

So yes, leaving is sad, but I will be back. And I have quite a bit that I can look back on too. In the meantime, I am full of inspiration and anticipation.  I love what I have accomplished so far and am only encouraged for the future.



  1. Sounds like a fun and eventful trip!! Following you from evoluntionizeher :)

  2. Hola Ellen! You seem to be quite the busy bee with jazz tap, learning German and all! Good for you! I found you on BBN looking for love and support, I am SimplyyMayra your new GFC friend #21. Look forward to sharing the love and support! Thanks!

    PonderWonders @