Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dreaded Weekend

This past January, with the help of 2 generous friends, I dreaded my hair. The process took about 7 hours, over two days. I loved the outcome! I had all new possibilities for styling and looks. the only goal was to do something different with my hair, that didn't involve cutting it short.

Here I am having my hair done back in January.

I had no plan for how long I would keep my dreads. I simply said "until I get bored." Well I got bored. It was time for something new. So over the past 4 days I spent a total of 22 hours combing out my hair.

Here I am before the de-dreading, with recently died dreads.

After 2 Combs, 2 jars of intensive conditioner, and a lot of patience I now have my long hair back.


  1. wow...resplendent...don't know if i can top that so i'll just stick to: pretty ;)