Thursday, August 9, 2012

5 Things...Surprise Favorite German Things

Here I present a list of the five surprise things I have most enjoyed in Germany.

1.) Coke. I know, seems weird, but its so good here. It is always made with real sugar (not hight fructose corn syrup). And it comes in this great skinny can. Seriously the can is half of why I like it so much.

2.) The fruit! In Germany, they do not allow GMO’s so all the fruit is so flavorful and delicious.

 3.) Dancing. Of course I knew I would be dancing, but recently Thomas has been teaching me tap and that has been VERY fun.

4.) The cosmetics. I’ve found a couple of great, affordable, German make-up brands. I really like one called essence. So far, I’ve only bought a mascara, but its amazing and was only 2.5 euros! From the reading I did online, it seems you can find it at Ulta or Fred Meyer in America.

5.) Riding my bike! Since this is the third post where I mention my bike, I think you get the picture. Hamburg is great for cycle commuting!


  1. Hi I'm Mia from over at Rock Me Fabulous. Thanks for alerting me of the issue with my ads. I fixed it so you can stop by and try again :)

  2. I feel like your blog is just going to make me miss Germany every time I read it!!