Monday, August 6, 2012

Swedish Summer

For the past 2 1/2 weeks, Thomas and I have been in Sweden.  He teaches tap at a Lindy Hop camp in Herrang.  Actually, it was there where we met for the first time last summer.

We drove from Hamburg to Herrang, Sweden.  Making stops along the way.  It was really nice to get to see the Swedish countryside.  Although, I do have to say for the second year in a row I failed to see a moose despite all the moose crossing signage. I'm very disappointed and holding Sweden responsible.

I didn't take very many photos while actually at the camp.  I learned last year that it is not my favorite place, and so I guess I just didn't feel inspired.  If Thomas will let me I may share a few of his another time.  The photos below I took on our way to and from Herrang, and also a day trip we took to Uppsala.

First, we took a Ferry from Germany to Denmark

And then there were some bridges.

Here we found a nice lake at a rest stop.

Another stop, and a surprise hike down to another lake.

Finally, we made it to Herrang.  We had a great little cottage the first night of our stay.

I learned how to use the self timer.

About a week into our stay we decided to get away from the camp and go for a visit to Uppsala.

And, when all was over we rode the ferry back to Germany.

It was a beautiful evening and many of the passengers enjoyed the ride too.

Thomas cruises through Hamburg after a very long trip

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