Monday, August 13, 2012


Yesterday, Thomas and I decided it would be a great day to visit Dom. Dom, pronounced sort of like "dome" is a fair in Hamburg. I'm not big on rides, so mostly we walked around. I took pictures while Thomas ate various fair foods.

I really enjoyed getting to check out this Hamburg tradition.  It was fascinating how similar it was to an American fair, and yet so many small things made it feel very different as well.

DOM Entrance


Ice Cream or 'Eis' is one of the first German words I learned!

Thomas enjoying a pickle.


  1. How fun! It's been years since I went to a fair and I would probably skip most of the rides, too. Love you!

    1. Yeah, one great part was that you don't have to pay to get in. So we could just wander around, leave when we were ready, and not feel like we had to get our moneys worth or anything.